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Available in various finishes, lamination provides a durable and lasting finish to protect your investment. Laminated posters are protected from moisture and easier to roll and store than larger mounted documents. Finishes include Matte for use in bright light situations where glare can be a problem. Luster is used for more vibrant colors. Crystal Matte provides a durable scuff-resistant finish for extended handling. Specialty laminates include Dry-Erase, Anti-Graffiti Teflon and backing films used to make durable rollable prints.
Prints in widths up to 60" and lengths up to 10' can be mounted on a variety of substrates. Listed below are the standard boards we stock.
This lightweight backing adds stability and durability to a large print. It's excellent for short-term mounting and also allows the print to be displayed freestanding on an easel or table. Available in black and white and glossy colors, 3/16" and 1/2" thick.
This premium backing adds stability and durability to a large print. It's excellent for long term mounting and resists warping. Available in black and white, 3/16" and 1/2" thick.
Sintra (PVC)
Far more durable than foam boards, it's excellent for extended handling, permanent mounting and outdoor use. Available in many colors and thicknesses from 1mm to 8mm.
Magnetic Receptive
Used for easy-to-change charts and legal graphics, this option turns your print into a versatile display. We can also create the custom magnets for use with your print.
We have a solution for all your display needs, whether you need your display to hang, stick, drape, spin or stand on its own.
Banners can be finished and hung for display using grommets, pole pockets or Velcro. Banner stands provide another dimension by creating free-standing banner displays.
Make your display any shape. We can cut out your mounted print in the shape of a super-hero or a cactus.
Aluminum or wooden frames to enhance the beauty and provide edge protection and hanging support for large mounted prints.
A wooden frame which is affixed to the back of a large mounted print to prevent warping and provide support for hanging.
Various size wingbacks can make your super-hero or cactus freestanding.
Magnetic and Magnetic Receptive
Magnetic mounted prints are suited for applying graphics to vehicles and other metal panels or objects. Magnetic receptive boards can be used for maps, calendars, courtroom exhibits, in/out boards and presentation boards.